Because in Texas, everything is born, bred and made with a spirit of independence that rivals all. Things are just done better here – and bigger.

When we set out to offer Lone Star Eggs, our driving force was more than just putting an egg on the shelf. We wanted to bring something special to the people of our great state who share the pride to buy all things local. After all, Texas has the biggest local trade around. We wanted to support the home team, and to help others do the same.

The hens that lay these eggs are Texans themselves. When one Texan gives to another, we celebrate this as a part of our deep heritage of friendship, family, and neighbor helping neighbor.

It’s that spirit that’s driven us to put Lone Star Extra Large Eggs on the shelf. These Texas eggs are laid by Texas hens to be perfect for every meal, with beneficial nutrition, fresh-off-the-ranch flavor and a yolk as rich as our sunset.

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